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Surviving SOA With Continuous Delivery (and WireMock)

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I gave a talk at the London Continuous Delivery meet-up about a recent client project involving the rescue of a UI application build that a previous team had failed to make much progress with. The rest of the system was built on an old-fashioned, heavyweight, big-vendor SOA stack, and although the development process was ostensibly Scrum, we found that in practice it lacked many of the attributes necessary for effective agile delivery.

In the talk I summarised the challenges we faced the techniques we used to isolate ourselves from dependencies, manage quality and integration risk, and deliver working code in regular, small iterations.

The full video of the talk is here:

February 2015 – Tom Akehurst – Surviving SOA: Delivering (somewhat) continuously on a hostile planet

The slides I used are here:

Many thanks to Matthew Skelton for inviting me to speak, and to Equal Experts for hosting the meet-up.